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Alignment Aid (AS-1)

In some situations it may be difficult to line up the TriggerSmart infrared beams correctly as described in manual, especially when the TriggerSmart controller is remotely situated from the sensors.

This is small module is provided that plugs into the sensors as an aid to aligning the IR sensor beam. The bright light glows on the module when the beam is aligned. This alleviates the need for the Controller to be close to the sensors when setting up.


TS-1 Tilt Switch (WL-1)

The tilt sensor is specifically designed to work with the Triggersmart MCT-1. When mounted correctly, it will trigger the MCT-1 when the sensor is tilted by 5° or more.


Waterproof Covers (WP-1)

The sensors in the Triggersmart range need to be protected from adverse weather conditions. Sabreswitch has come up with a cost effective solution using a weatherproof cover that simply sits over the sensor and cable connection.

Mains Power Supply (MP-1)

The MP-1 is a low voltage mains powered adapter for Triggersmart. It operates from 105 to 240vac. This product is for indoor use only.



Extension cables and cable adapters for Triggersmart are available, listed below are the various types.


      • JX-25 2.5mm joiner
      • JX-35 3.5mm joiner
      • CW-1 3m 2.5mm trigger cable
      • CS-1 5m 3.5mm sensor cable

Adapter Cables

Cables The trigger cable provided in the Triggersmart kit will connect directly to many popular camera models. Adapters for other camera are available. To select the cable adapter for your model of camera click here.

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